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Learning to Count Money

Learning to Count Money – Money Games To Consider

It is highly important that kids learn to count at an early age to better equip them in life. Even if your kid is age 3-5 and still does not attend school, learning to count money is possible thru playing money games.  

If you are the type of parent that buys their kids toys most of the time, know that buying them educational toys will make them a lot smarter and you know that you are helping develop your child’s mental ability to the fullest even at a young age. 

So what are the games that could make them enjoy learning to count money and teach them the value of fair competition, besides the fun and laughter that they will surely experiences as they play with other kids and even with you.

The following are Money counting related games that are worth checking out, and has been an enjoyment for everyone.

Money Counting Games 

Classic Monopoly 

Almost everyone has probably played this game, and surely 90% of the kids and adults that played this board game would admit that it inspire them to think outside the box of just being an employee.
The game will not just teach your kid the basic handling and counting of money but would encourage them to invest in real estate. After all, the game is about buying and selling properties as well as managing your wealth well. 

Game of Life 

A game that is more about choosing a career and making important decisions in life. This game will teach your kids how they spend their income.


It’s a game that will surely make learning to count money enjoyable as kids will learn how to budget their earnings, by paying their bills and other expenditures

Games such as mentioned above may seem like a game to most people and would be deemed by some parents as waste of time. But if you really think about it, most kids learn stuff by their playing and so buying them educational tools will certainly help their development and maybe outlook in life.